Boats Bryggekanten & Westside Lodges

Our boats

Our 16 boats are right in front of the houses on our own bathing and boat dock. The good fishing grounds can be reached in a few minutes.

Bryggekanten Yellow and Red own three Skager 660 diesel boats, three 22 Fisker diesel boats and one aluminum boat.

The Hansvik boat is reserved for the Captain Suite, but of course a Skager 660, a 22 Fisker or the aluminum boat can also be rented.

Westside Lodges own four Skager 660 boats.

The Aasheim Rorbuer includes 2 Skager 660, 1 Smardliner 23″ 140 hp outboard and 1 Pioneer Multi.

All boats have chart plotters, GPS, depth sounders, life jackets, anchors and rod holders. Please order the desired boats in advance.

When booking a second boat (Skager 660, 22 Fisker, Alu-Boot or Hansvik) a discount is given on the cheapest boat.

Video boats

Skager 660

9 boats available.

Smartliner 23″

1 boat available.

Pioner Multi

1 boat available.


1 boat available.


1 boat available.

22 Fisker

3 Boote verfügbar.