Catch reports

We show a number of catch reports from our guests on this page. Around Bømlo we have some of the best fishing spots in western Norway. My guests catch many different types of fish. A group of girls and boys from Spreewald south of Berlin has the record with 21 different fish species.

Here it is possible to indulge in all types of deep sea fishing, such as:

  • Fishing with jigs and various types of lures for saithe, pollack, cod, whiting, redfish and so on.
  • Fishing with natural bait for ling, lump, haddock, cod, pollock and halibut.
  • Deep sea fishing to over 300 meters for big ling, lump, shark and halibut.
  • Fishing in the shallows and on the edges, on the open sea. However, note that even if we have good and safe boats, the weather can limit the possibility of fishing in the open sea.
  • Speed ​​fishing for pollack.
  • Using paternoster systems for mackerel and herring.
  • Trolling for sea trout, salmon and pollack.

I often get inquiries about the best time to go fishing. Unfortunately it is difficult to give a good answer. It varies from hour to hour, day to day, week to week, and year to year. But I always try to inform my guests about the catch status of the last few weeks and where the best fishing spots are.

On the right you can see some reports from the past few years, including photos of satisfied guests and their catches. But it’s also important to remember that you can’t always be successful. Fishing is so much more than catching lots and big fish. It is also friendship, beautiful scenery, sea air, changing weather and, last but not least, excitement…

You never know when the trophy fish will bite. In the photo gallery, travel reports and interesting links you will find more photos and articles about fishing.