Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions, on this page we have compiled questions that are often asked by guests.

We hope that the answers can be helpful.

Yes, there is free WiFi internet in all houses. You will receive the access data on site from your landlord Paul.

I am often asked if life jackets are available.

Yes, there are enough life jackets in every house.

Can I change euros to NOK on Bömlo at the bank?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange euros for NOK (cash) in the bank on Bömlo.

But you can withdraw NOK with your credit or debit card at the ATM.

The vending machine also speaks “english”.

The easiest way is to pay the balance of the house and boat by bank transfer, for example two weeks before the holiday. If you want to pay the rest in cash, pay this in euros to the landlord Eivind when you arrive. You pay cash in NOK for fuel for the boats, bed linen and smoked salmon.

Yes, your landlord Paul has a whole fleet of safe boats directly at the jetties in front of the houses. Please clarify before your holiday which boats are still free and reserve early!

This question cannot really be answered: all 12 months of the year offer their own charm. While winter temperatures may call for warmer clothing, nature offers beautiful scenes that you won’t find in summer. In spring, when nature awakens, the chances of catching the fish of your life are very high. In summer, families find the ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday and in autumn you can watch nature prepare for winter.

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