About us

Your Host at Fjordtun Bømlo In Norway

Paul Jørs

It is with great humility that my wife Eldbjørg and I have been able to take over and have been given the opportunity to run the tourism facility Fjordtun further after Eivind saw himself forced to prioritize differently due to health.

Fjordtun is a great facility with great boats, and we will do everything we can to continue the good work Eivind has laid the foundation for, and we will do everything we can for you as a guest, to thrive and feel welcome.

My wife and I have run Aasheim Rorbuer wit 4 cabins for 12 years, and we enjoy hosting our guests.

I occasionally work as a traveling engineer, but will step down in the future.
Diving: I am an approved diving instructor, and can assist in obtaining air / diving boats / planning and conducting diving cruises. Approved dive manager.

Our boat fleet of a total of 20 boats is of top quality and safety. The best boats to make your holiday as hassle-free and enjoyable as you deserve.

We warmly welcome old and new guests to a fishing and relaxation holiday in Bømlo